The Youngest and I


I feel like sharing another photo today. This time, it’s me and my youngest daughter Clarisse. The photo was taken on Saturday, during the spring fling in our neighborhood. We live in avery family-oriented community with so many activities for kids and family. This is the reason why we keep living in the same house for exactly 5 years! Yeah 5 long years! Before we moved here in the US from Cebu, we told our friends there that we’ll be back in Cebu after 5 years. We’ll try the US-life for 5 years. The trial stage is over and yet we are still here and not leaving. Our plan of living in Cebu is no longer an option not because  I want to live in the US but because everything is changed. The husband has new career  now aside from business. If the husband would ask me if I want to live in the Philippines and give up the life in the US, my answer would be “YES” but only when I’m retired , when I’m 75 years old or so. It’s more fun in the Philippines after all.

Go Connect for Agents

The existence of mobile apps really help to many people who are into gadgets such as smart phones, tablet, and iPad . Owning one could mean that your everyday life would be easier in such a way that you can communicate to all people that are important to you and to record your day by day event and not to mention to get organized.

If you are in real state business or should I say you are an agent, you must have to download the goconnect on your phone. This app will help you make your job easier in day to day basis. All that you need in your everyday work flow is  in this app. What are you waiting for? Check this app now and enjoy your job as an agent. Less headache, less hassle, and definitely less stress. Good luck!

The No Filter and the Other

I’m so curious (as always) what I look like when I edit my eyes and my skin. This is my first time that I edited my eyes to color— as seen in the photo. I know some people would judge you right away if they see an enhanced photo and would easily say “Oh pretty, what an edited photo”!” or “She’s only pretty when its photoshopped” . Well, who cares? LOLs! I know I’m ugly anyway, physically!  So, for you to judge me less, LOL!,  here are the two photos , for your eyes only. My ugliness  on the left, and my editorial photo on the right.  I’m using variety of apps and the iPhoto editor using iMac. Took me less than 30 secs to edit this. photo

Health Insurance, a Must-Have

Heath is wealth. If you want to be wealthy then get a health insurance right away. Your wealth would easy be gone if you don’t have a health insurance if and only if you have a terrible illness that need to be treated. Take for example, if you need a surgery or need a series of treatment , then the health insurance will shoulder your expenses.

To learn more about health insurance please visit They will explain to you the importance of having one. In case you have a limited budget , they will offer you other options and you’ll get the benefit that you need for . Good luck .

Our Wireless Printer

After getting an iMac, the husband and I decided to get a new wireless printer. BestBuy gave us a very great deal, a $50 off from the sale price. We only paid $153 . The original price is $299. What I like about this printer is that its so easy to install and very user friendly. When Holiday season comes, I’d be able to laser print our greeting cards.

Now that I have shared about printing, if you have a printing business, it’s a great idea if you update  your Print Management Software for the better quality, better result and thus more clients will patronize your service. Good luck!

iMac at Home iLove

I’m so excited right now! The husband and I were just talking casually (yesterday) about getting a new PC or a laptop that we could use for business and of course for my blogging and social networking on a big screen. We have an obsolete PC at home and a laptop , and not to mention an iPad and iPhone .. But my girly office huge table is empty  and need some sleek gadget .

So today, we went to BestBuy and bought an iMac PC. I’m still in cloud 9 feeling because this iMac was just in my dream before.  I thought my husband will choose an HP  but no. With all the bad experience we had with HP, he’s discouraged to get another one.

I’ll share a photo of my new toy later.  For now, let me play first.



New Toy for Kids

The kids in the house are so crazy to play on the professional piano every single day! The noise is just so loud and the adults would love to scream to stop them! I guess its about time to buy them  cheap keyboards for kids so even if they play often, at least you could turn down the volume. It is so fun having so many kids at home. There would be no dull moments because they are always willing to have some fun at any time .

It’s not bad to buy 2 cheap keyboards to be shared by 4 girls, and 2 toy keyboards for babies. They are cheap anyways so you have nothing to lose. If you buy only one, then expect fights among them. Not good.

Minimum Max

I didn’t know that we could set the maximum tasks in a month as well as the minimum number of tasks. I set mine today .Does it mean they will give me a hundred tasks a month? I wish so I could write about them without complain such as talking about cornet mouthpiece at guitar center. I don’t know what is this piece for. If you are curious you could click the link .

Six years with payu is so much fun! Six more years with them is even more fun! I love payu, hehe! If not for them, I don’t think  I’m still blogging.



DIY : Do it yourself

It’s time again to share some DIY idea. Today, I’m gonna share a simple one.  If you have neat containers from scented candles, you could recycle them by using it in different purpose. Such as, flower pot and Qtip container, and whatever u need it for. As you can see in the photo, the green containers are normally used for the candles . Just removed the excess melted candles then clean it with soap and water and viola ! Good luck! 1

Expired not

There are couple times in my blogging years that I have let few tasks  get expired .. total of 6 if you add up. That’s nothing it’s only $30 for keyboard sake! So, I will tell you why I didn’t write them. I can’t relate to the assignment! Or I have written the same task all over again. Just like today, I have one left and I have to share it to you about cheap mighty mite necks at guitar center. As of today, I have written 4 of the same exact topic so tell me if I still want to write for the fifth time! Well, if this article is not acceptable, I will accept rejection. I can do nothing about it but to slip another opportunity.

I have submitted 7 tasks today and I’m done. I have to update my blogs later otherwise I might be terminated. Please not. I’ll be responsible next time if given a chance. (wink, wink)

Our Wedding Band

I have read on Facebook about this do-it-yourself jewelry cleanser. I saved the ingredients and the instruction before I missed it. This morning, I have decided to clean my gold and silver jewelries including the wedding band which is pretty discolored because I don’t take it off my finger. Luckily, I have all the ingredients at home. If you want the solution, just follow this : 1 tbsp. of salt, 1 tbsp. of baking soda, 1 tbsp. of dishwashing liquid soap, 1 cup of hot water, and foil in the bowl. Just heat the water then put all the ingredients, soak the jewelries in the bowl for 10 minutes, rinse the jewelries and voila (!) you have now a newly cleaned jewelries! Try it!

Lesson Lessons

Art lesson, dance lesson, piano lesson, clarinet lesson and soon voice lesson and guitar lesson. So many lessons to deal with these days. Some lessons like soccer and tennis lesson were already eliminated due to schedule conflicts . My kids and I are not that busy during weekdays huh? Well, those are the lessons they want to learn as their extra activities. We parents don’t need to tell them what lessons to take because they have their own minds to tell us what they want.

The voice and the guitar are not yet finalized because of two reasons : we don’t find yet the right place and we don’t have yet guitar in the house. We are eyeing for the basic but what I found at this very moment in the roland vma jm-5 at guitar center. I think it is too advance for the beginner so I’ll keep looking for the basic guitar.