Sleek Looking

This sleek looking gadget for tuning your intonation on stage prior to your performance is such a catch. The tce noir does look like a smartphone . Very light on weight, it has a clear bright screen with LED display. A gadget friend of yours that is really willing to fix your intonation, a true-bypass with silent tuning.

What else to do what to know about this stuff? It is attuned to your board, guided by the light which means it will definitely give you less tuning and it gives you more time in rocking. Good luck!

Voice Lesson

Bienne is eager to go back in learning how to play a new instrument. She was in a piano lesson for years, clarinet for a year, and now  she wants to try guitar and voice lesson. If only musician’s friend is available in  the area, I would love to try and find a best deal from them. There should be a school or center for music close to the store.

I have tried calling a personal instructor, but the rate for thirty minutes is so expensive! But Bienne is persistent and she found two small companies and she was asking me last night if what I prefer to , to hire somebody to come at home and do the lesson, or to go to the actual school of music. I’m still debating what to choose.

The Youngest and I


I feel like sharing another photo today. This time, it’s me and my youngest daughter Clarisse. The photo was taken on Saturday, during the spring fling in our neighborhood. We live in a family-oriented community with so many activities for kids and family. This is the reason why we keep living in the same house for exactly 5 years! Yeah 5 long years! Before we moved here in the US from Cebu, we told our friends there that we’ll be back in Cebu after 5 years. We’ll try the US-life for 5 years. The trial stage is over and yet we are still here and not leaving. Our plan of living in Cebu is no longer an option not because  I want to live in the US but because everything is changed. The husband has new career  now aside from business. If the husband would ask me if I want to live in the Philippines and give up the life in the US, my answer would be “YES” but only when I’m retired , when I’m 75 years old or so. It’s more fun in the Philippines after all.

Go Connect for Agents

The existence of mobile apps really help to many people who are into gadgets such as smart phones, tablet, and iPad . Owning one could mean that your everyday life would be easier in such a way that you can communicate to all people that are important to you and to record your day by day event and not to mention to get organized.

If you are in real state business or should I say you are an agent, you must have to download the goconnect on your phone. This app will help you make your job easier in day to day basis. All that you need in your everyday work flow is  in this app. What are you waiting for? Check this app now and enjoy your job as an agent. Less headache, less hassle, and definitely less stress. Good luck!

The No Filter and the Other

I’m so curious (as always) what I look like when I edit my eyes and my skin. This is my first time that I edited my eyes to color— as seen in the photo. I know some people would judge you right away if they see an enhanced photo and would easily say “Oh pretty, what an edited photo”!” or “She’s only pretty when its photoshopped” . Well, who cares? LOLs! I know I’m ugly anyway, physically!  So, for you to judge me less, LOL!,  here are the two photos , for your eyes only. My ugliness  on the left, and my editorial photo on the right.  I’m using variety of apps and the iPhoto editor using iMac. Took me less than 30 secs to edit this. photo

Health Insurance, a Must-Have

Heath is wealth. If you want to be wealthy then get a health insurance right away. Your wealth would easy be gone if you don’t have a health insurance if and only if you have a terrible illness that need to be treated. Take for example, if you need a surgery or need a series of treatment , then the health insurance will shoulder your expenses.

To learn more about health insurance please visit They will explain to you the importance of having one. In case you have a limited budget , they will offer you other options and you’ll get the benefit that you need for . Good luck .

Our Wireless Printer

After getting an iMac, the husband and I decided to get a new wireless printer. BestBuy gave us a very great deal, a $50 off from the sale price. We only paid $153 . The original price is $299. What I like about this printer is that its so easy to install and very user friendly. When Holiday season comes, I’d be able to laser print our greeting cards.

Now that I have shared about printing, if you have a printing business, it’s a great idea if you update  your Print Management Software for the better quality, better result and thus more clients will patronize your service. Good luck!

iMac at Home iLove

I’m so excited right now! The husband and I were just talking casually (yesterday) about getting a new PC or a laptop that we could use for business and of course for my blogging and social networking on a big screen. We have an obsolete PC at home and a laptop , and not to mention an iPad and iPhone .. But my girly office huge table is empty  and need some sleek gadget .

So today, we went to BestBuy and bought an iMac PC. I’m still in cloud 9 feeling because this iMac was just in my dream before.  I thought my husband will choose an HP  but no. With all the bad experience we had with HP, he’s discouraged to get another one.

I’ll share a photo of my new toy later.  For now, let me play first.



DIY : Do it yourself

It’s time again to share some DIY idea. Today, I’m gonna share a simple one.  If you have neat containers from scented candles, you could recycle them by using it in different purpose. Such as, flower pot and Qtip container, and whatever u need it for. As you can see in the photo, the green containers are normally used for the candles . Just removed the excess melted candles then clean it with soap and water and viola ! Good luck! 1

So Lovely

AUgiftWhat did I do to deserve such lovely blessings for the last couple of days? I will tell you later in my next update about yesterday’s surprise. But for now I will share about the lovely gifts I received  from a special friend in  Australia. Her name is Ellaine.  A brilliant blogger who’s so close to my heart. The owner of Lainy’s Musings.

Our new mail box is huge enough to fit this mystery package that I’ve been expecting.  Yeah, no longer a surprise but if you saw my face and recorded my reaction while holding the package, oh man! My smile was huge and I couldn’t even close my mouth. I was like Omgosh! It’s finally here!  You might think I’m such an OA but I really want to share my excitement seeing my dream lipstick in my possession! Hehe! I want this kind of lippy to be given to me as a gift and not to be purchased  for myself. It’s pricey you know and I’m sort of kuripot so yeah I’m happy yet guilty for telling my friend what I wanted when she asked me . I am sort of thick faced too (sometimes) and straight forward( sometimes when I have time), hehe! Back to YSL lipstick , I have wanted this badly for like 3 years now/na, and it’s not available in the city where I live and even if it’s available I won’t buy it. Why? Just read the above explanation , hehe! So basically,  it’s my first time to actually hold it, smell it, and swipe it on my lips! I only saw a picture of it on magazines and videos on Youtube. On the other note, I feel guilty because it caused a lot of trouble on my friend’s concern. I’m sorry about that Leyn.  I could tell more about this nude lippy that I’m crazy about,  but I have to save the space of my lengthy post for other stuffs that I got from the mail.

I’ve got souvenir AU items such  as a KEYCHAIN ( with a pink flower, perfect for my pink steering wheel cover) , COASTERS (perfect for my everyday coffee break ,  protecting my new dinning table, how sweet!), OVEN MITTENS ( perfect for my daily cooking gear, to protect my girly hands) ,  CAPTAIN’S WHEEL MAGNET ( perfect for hanging my girls’ report cards on the refrigerator ), and last  but not least , the LOVELY CARD with a sweet message in it !

Again, thank you my amazing friend for the gifts. You really know how to make people smile.  ;)

Get Rid

Having 7 kids at home, I have to get rid of the hardware tools in the house. True, it is very dangerous to the kids once they could reach the sharp objects in the drawer. Guess where I put the tools? I kept them in our fully packed garage and guess what happened? I lost most of the tools! And I badly needed them one day while fixing the furniture. Oh well , it’s time to check out the and buy the things I need for the future project.

Stir Fry or Pulled Pork Slow Cooker Style – Yum!

Whipping up tasty and nutritious meals has never been easier; with so much fresh local produce in season it is easy to craft something wonderful every night of the week, especially if you have an electric wok. When you stir fry vegetables they retain more flavors and great textures plus you can cook them up in a flash. Use the wok to cook chicken, meat or fish and then add in vegetables as you go for a one dish dinner or cook each ingredient separately and then mix them together when you compose the dish for serving. If you just want to quickly cook up some chicken to toss it into a salad, a wok is a great way to go.
Since a large part of meal preparation involves cleaning, peeling, slicing and dicing vegetables it’s easy to see why folks opt for takeout but there are plenty of shortcuts designed to make it easy to get a home cooked dinner on the table in less than thirty minutes. One option is to incorporate frozen vegetables into more meals. Certain studies have shown that in many cases frozen vegetables retain even more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than fresh vegetables; when you buy frozen produce it is cleaned, cut and ready to cook with. You can also buy pre-cut chicken or meat pieces which are ready to cook and ideally suited for use in many wok dishes.

When you cook in a wok you can cut back on the use of oil and reduce fats; most woks feature a non-stick interior which further reduces the need for oils. In order to make sure the food cooks properly you may wish to use a commercial non-stick pan spray; another option is to use a mister filled with oil or an oil and water combination. You can also create flavored oil mixes by incorporating herbs and spices into olive oil, peanut oil and other cooking oils; these add a subtle yet distinctive flavor to any dish.

Many folks are fans of a different approach to getting dinner on the table that has nothing to do with speed; the concept of slow cooking food has been around for centuries and it is an excellent way to bring out the best in lesser cuts of meat. If you have ever tasted pulled pork slow cooker style then you know the meat practically falls off the bone and the food practically melts in your mouth. What you may not realize is how easy it is to make.