>Please Cast Your Vote for TWERLYN


My friend Twerlyn, the owner of this domain, requested me to update her blog. It is so unfortunate that after just a week of spending their honeymoon, her hubby Andy was brought to the hospital yesterday and was diagnosed to have amoebiasis. The couple won’t be back until Tuesday or Wednesday as per physician’s advice.
Because of her nomination for Week 3 as The Most Sociable Blogger at the What Have You site, she deemed it best to have this page updated by me. I am asking for your usual support, the same support that you have extended to me when I won the award for Week 1. I owe my friend Twerlyn so much coz she has always been very supportive of me right from the very start. I am returning the favor by doing the campaigning for her for the meantime while she’s off from the blogosphere.
Aside from your votes, I would like to ask for your prayers for Andy’s speedy recovery.

I will be counting on you. Thank you so much!

5 Responses to >Please Cast Your Vote for TWERLYN

  1. >i’m here to support the pretty twerl2x and in fact done voting her na..may Andy get well soon oi kay louy pud wala pana nakompleto ang ilang kalipay nasakit man noon.


  2. >naku sana gumaling agad si hubby ni ate lermz!!


  3. >Twerlz,Get well soon si hubby and take care both of you.


  4. >wow… that’s what friends are for… :) i pray for his hubby’ past recovery…nweiz, done voting and she’s far leading…congratz in advance!


  5. >Thank u my friends for the prayers and votes!My hubby is fine now.. We checked out from the hospital today(Wednesday)Scotty’s Princess, thank for this post!


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