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When I started blogging nine months ago, I just did it for fun. Never did come to my mind that I can earn some bucks out of it because I didn’t believe that I can do it. So I just kept updating my blog just to record my daily whereabouts. I didn’t tell my friends, relatives, and family members that I have a record of my life online because I didn’t know before that traffic is really important to bloggers like me who are now earning an income. Now that I have a little knowledge on how to generate traffic on my blog, it’s time to broadcast it to everyone I knew so they would keep coming back to my site and read what’s in it. And also to let them know that my blog is still active.

My plan to broadcast my blog site can only be possible by the help of Zookoda . Just continue reading folks because Zookoda is absolutely FREE, that’s how generous they are in helping bloggers build traffic on their sites. If you are a blogger, then Zookoda is for you. They will provide you a code that you can place on your blog. Then your readers can subscribe by entering their email address. You can check the website now for more details, or better register to access the services such as :

  • Manage email newsletter subscribers.
  • Enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms.
  • Design eye-catching newletters to match your blog design.
  • Schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month.
  • View real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports.
  • Access mobile users by emailing blog content in text format.

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