>Windows Vista : Great for Office and Home


We currently use Windows Vista as the operating system for our main computer at our house. My husband also uses this computer for his business.

In the beginning, we had heard that it may be difficult to get Windows Vista to be compatible with many other programs. The truth is that ended up being only a minor issue.

What one will find with Windows Vista is an operating system that IS very compatible to other programs and provides a way more visually stimulating environment to work in. It comes with a feature that both my hubby and I enjoy: multimedia enhancements. We especially like the scroll of the multimedia menu and how we can easily scroll from downloadable TV shows to DVD player to pictures to personal videos- all in one screen. It’s also extremely user-friendly.

When my husband originally got this computer he intended it for business only. He was also worried about how it would be compatible with his QuickBooks but no problem. He has also enjoyed the confidence in knowing there is a Windows Vista Small Business Assurance Program. This program provides free support, compatibility assistance, and one-on-one coaching to help the transition from an earlier version operating system to Windows Vista. This program is available to ALL PC buyers whose system has Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate.

But after he saw how many of the new features would be great for home, he brought it home to use. We love that our screen saver pops up a variety of our own photos in a variety of scrapbook-type cut-outs which is very nice.

Isn’t it time to make the move…to Windows Vista?

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