Relaxing Moment

My busy days are over! I’ve been so busy since the first week of December and now time to relax and pamper myself in my little and romantic way, LOL! I know my busy days would continue but at least it won’t be that busy like the last three months, not until my due date! Oh gosh I’ll not think about it just yet.

You could tell that I have an ample time at this moment because I got a chance to update my blog plus doing stuff like scented candles, roses and bubbles! See that? Hehe! I don’t want to throw the roses without doing crazy thing, I meant romantic thingmagagig . The hubby gave me 12 roses 10 days ago ( Valentine’s day) and the quality is pretty amazing. Its been almost two weeks and yet the color is still vivid.

Soaking myself in a hot-tub for an hour has been my regular routine especially on fall and winter time. It’s very relaxing and soothing, good for the heart,mind and soul…. hhmm really? Hehe! When I’m on it, I tend to think and imagine of anything good, day dreaming I should say. Hehe! Don’t get me wrong, hell no, I don’t think green, haha! promise! Good night! It’s now 12:09 AM , time to sleep and wake up at 8AM..healthy sleeper huh? 8 hours .. to maintain my figure, LOL!