Bokeh Effect

The roses are blooming gracefully and I couldn’t resist but to get my camera and right click immediately. Before clicking, I see to it that I set the correct setting (manual) so I don’t need to edit it for more precise outcome. Now that my belly is so huge, editing is no longer my cup-of-tea. I just make sure that the setting of the camera is correct, and I think I’ll like the output of the shot I made. Knowing your own toy is really important to make thing easier for you when that “click” is done. The trial and error is just part of your job when it’s still new but when you are used to it, it’s just so easy to manipulate, but here comes the angle that really matter most. Huh, I don’t have more patience anymore. So, I’m just contented with what I got. Just a sample to share for today.

4 Responses to Bokeh Effect

  1. Hi Lermz…
    Congrats in advance….I read why you blog…hmmm that is awesome…are You in Gensan I came from Gensan too..I gradauted in NDMU in 2001…currently in Michigan.
    travelentz recently posted..Our tour in Meteor Crater


    Lerlyn Reply:

    Hello! yes I’m from Gensan.. NDDC(NDDU) batch 2000.. thanks for the visit and greetings! see ya sa imong blog..mag visit ko nimo now .. =)


  2. I see…Ohh sorry namali ang keyboard…NDDU diay ko nag graduate not NDMU.
    travelentz recently posted..Our tour in Meteor Crater


  3. The rose is beautiful and you captured it very well. I wonder where can I get roses to be planted. I tried to plant the rose that I bought from flower shop but I wasn’t successful. I usually edit pictures through imaging softwares. Thanks for the interesting article.
    Stephan Hilson recently posted..Loi Châtel et résiliation de téléphonie mobile


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