3rd Labor Experience (Pregnancy)

My 3rd labor experience was pretty easy at first. I was so excited to give birth because I really thought that I could get an epidural shots when I reached the 4cm or if I couldn’t tolerate the pain anymore. I have interviewed so many co-filipinas here in the US who have undergone delivery here . They all  said that the epidural were given when they already on 4cm opening . I said oh well I shouldn’t be scared then when I face active labor. If you continue reading, you’ll realize how mean and pathetic  that full-blooded Filipina OG-GYN who handled my case. You might think, wait a minute why I chose a Filipina Doctor. Why not an American. Well, of course I love my Filipinas. I really thought all Filipinas have the same hearts  as mine ( compassionate, loving, and caring) LOL… I was totally wrong. Now, I’m convinced that everyone is different. I don’t know why I always believe that all  Filipinas are great, no matter how many of them have put me down. I’m still in the denial stage haha! I always want all Filipinas to be great. Is it really hard to be good? Why? What’s the matter of these people?

Back to my labor story. There were two Filipina OBGYN who have seen me for my regular pregnancy check-up, most especially during the last two months. I searched for them, I longed for them ( Filipina Doctors), they are friends working in the same clinic, located next to the world class Hospital where I gave birth. One of the doctors (Filipina) was really sweet and I want her to handle me but she said it depends who will be the “on-call-doctor “  on the big day. But unfortunately, it was the other Filipina OBGYN. During the regular check-up, this doctor was pretty good to me, but she didn’t talk to me in our native language. She’s on her late 30′s or early 40′s, pretty young huh? Talks really fast and always telling me to go the hospital when the pain is about 8 out of 10 or if the interval is every 5mins . The labor day came, and I went to the clinic for my final check-up. The sweet OB, the one that I like said I’m already 4CM and she advised me to go the hospital for delivery. I asked her who will be the on-call-OB, and she said the other one, her friend. I told her well, can I go to the hospital later because I can still tolerate the pain. She said okay as long as I’m just around close to the hospital. BUT her friend, the other OBGYN who have handled my case was giving me different instruction! It was 1:30PM when the sweet OB told me to go and be admitted in the labor room. But I went to the emergency room at 5:30PM , at that time, I’m already in severe pain. Remember that mean Filipina OB said I have to go the hospital when it’s 8 out of 10 as the most painful. Well, I followed her advise since she’ll be the one to handle my case. The labor interval was every 5 minutes , sometimes 2 minutes. It was like that when I arrived in the hospital. Then after one hour it was roughly 10 as painful is concerned. The nurse has to call the OB-0n-call for an epidural shots, it needs approval from the OB first before they could give me the painless shot. I was roughly 5cm and I couldn’t tolerate the pain, no more. My smiles were gone and my tears almost fell. And so the nurse called my Filipina OB about the situation, and this co-filipina told the nurse to tell me “To GO Home” and have my labor at home. My reaction , just in my mind, was .. ” Is she f–king kidding me?!”I’m in severe pain, I could hardly walk because of the labor pain, and she’ll just say “to go home”, punyeta cia! ..The nurse said , sorry dear, your Filipina OB wanted you to go home.  What is the matter of this Filipina? The nurse felt sorry about my situation because she could tell and see how painful the labor I have at that moment. She called the OB again and told her that I’m not going anywhere, I insisted to stay for my own good. And again, the OB said that I have to go home.. she even said that it is my 3rd child and I have known it better. Yeah right this is my 3rd labor, my 3rd child and yeah I already know when is the right time to push or give birth… And I f–king need that epidural NOW! I knew that in few hours I’m  ready to PUSH. And yeah, I was right! I’m closed to give birth. On the 4th call, the Filipina OB finally said yes to epidural. I suffered 4 hours of severe pain from active labor, it was traumatic. I couldn’t believe there’s a Filipina OB here in the US who’s horrible as she can be. I asked other patient of hers and the source said that majority of her cases were Cesarian Section (CS) 99% CS cases. I concluded, that she just want huge money from CS surgeries. Oh well, if normal delivery is not as huge money that she could get, sorry doctor because I could push a 10 pound baby out from my  beautiful vagina! LOL!My baby was 8.3 pounds.

That OB entered the delivery room without smile from her face, no moral support from her mouth, and a total toxic to my eyes. I didn’t care “whatever” her reactions at that time. The OB stayed in the delivery room for only 30 minutes total,  she needs to get out from my sight right away, or else she might get some harsh words from me, LOL! I pushed 4 times and my healthy baby came out. The nurses were so great to me and so I gave my sweet smile all the time in the delivery room, even when the OB arrived , I still smiled. No more pain, thanks to epidural, I had it for one hour and a half. I still have the time to thank the OB after the delivery. I forgot what she have done to me earlier. I forgave her already. But there is one thing for sure, no more Filipina OB for me , especially a Filipina who hates to speak the native language. I’m  not against a Filipina who speaks American English fluently, but if you are talking to me, could you please speak in tagalog or bisaya? Because no matter how great you are in “speaking  in dollars,” I don’t buy you…but instead you are just one of those stinky fishes around the corner.This is an off topic but let me just point out that if you are Filipina who lived in the Philippines ( and moved to US) and know how to speak the  Filipino dialect, you should use that dialect if you are talking to your co-Filipino. Kababayan what’s happening with you? Sorry if I offended you, but I guess you better start speak in Tagalog when talking to me. I heard you once ( in Tagalog), LOL!

If ever I’ll get pregnant again, I don’t bother if the OB is a guy. What matter most to me  is to have that stinkin’ epidural at the moment I have my first severe pain during labor.

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  1. wow this is a whole lotta story! im not against Filipino because I am Filipino too but there are just a few who do good things to their own kind.. sad to say but it’s true. The only Filipino probably in medical that I could feel better will be dentists and nurses. I think they are good with it. But once again, not all can do a good job…

    really nice of you still have the heart to forgive that OB-Gyn if it’s me, I could have said so many things against her! heheeh


  2. YAY! I didn’t know you had such traumatic experience with your OB, Lermz. Buang man diay na sya uy! Nganong gipaantos paman ka? Nagwish na sya ba nga ma cesarean ka aron makakuarta sya nimo. Kapait diay no? Kapwa Filipino, law-ay kaau ug batasan. Hay nalang! Sige nalang kay guapa man kaau si Baby C. Bawi nalang ang kasakit sa panganak, LOL!
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  3. Congrats! for another healthy and precious girl..u can complain her, i dunno about your insurance, fail her in the survey..I have survey every doctor
    i have especially when i gave birth to my daughter. dili sad ko ganahan ug Filipina doctor I always go for referral with my husband friends.
    travelentz recently posted..Trick or treat is fun


  4. I am sorry about your experience with your OB. Sad to say, there are a lot of Filipinos who don’t speak our language anymore once they come here. And a lot of them think their s*** don’t stink!
    Anyway, Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby! :D


  5. While reading your post, I get madder and madder. I can’t imagine being in your shoes that time. Nag-singgita na seguro ko. You must very very pissed that time. I am sure, Andy too.


  6. That is very upsetting situation. I a friend of mine lives here in the US for more than 20 years and she still speaks Filipino.



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