First Day of the Year

I was busy yesterday ( the last day of 2011) and today the first day of 2012. It is pretty obvious why I’m busy. I cleaned and organized the house. I believe that’s the best thing to do for the last and first day of the year. My mind is cleared up at the end of the day and I could say that for the next 12 months, the house is organized. What a wishful thinking huh?

The first part I cleaned was the higher area such as windows and shelves. The last part I cleaned was obviously the floors such as the carpet, the tiles, and the llaminate floor. I rested as well in the middle of my clean-up day. The family went to the park because it was a perfect day to go out. What a wonderful day to begin the new year.

2 Responses to First Day of the Year

  1. hi lyn. musta? happy new year.


  2. @tammy,

    Hello! Sorry now ko lang nabasa..I’m good thank are you too? take care.


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