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I’m back once again to update my blog. Lately, I was thinking of giving up blogging because of the last payment I got, very little! And I said to myself if the next payout is still be the same, then I’m done. And bum I got a bunch of assignments, yiy! This means I have to continue blogging ( for money) , the only reason why you still see me here alive. Yeah, that is the only reason. I have to be truthful that I don’t go blog-hopping anymore. I only update when I have assignments. I still like to write because of the same reason. BUT when I start a regular job that I like, then I’ll stop blogging. Maybe in 3 years from now. Mommy, come over here in California, watch my kids please, LOL!

Yeah, I still have my part-time job, our business is still alive and kicking ( Thank you Lord)! Well, it’s tax time again pretty soon, that means I’m busy again doing the quick book thingy and after that, tax refund! Yiy ! Have a good day everyone!

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