First Offense

I got my first ticket 10 hours ago for “over-speeding”. Yes I’m guilty of the charge but I still consider it as unfair situation because I saw these three cars ahead of me driving with  the same speed as mine, I was in the last. I saw the police patrol looking for the 2nd car and he’s getting ready to go but unfortunately the cop should only get one car out of four and I was the easiest one to pull over with. He got me. I said sorry, I was in a rush to pick up my daughter from school. He asked my DL, I gave it to him immediately because I want this ticket-thing to be over. I badly needed to go because my daughter is waiting at school. If only I have more minutes to talk that time, I would so he’ll not give me a ticket ( if he has the heart). Well, anyway, no hard feeling now. I’ll just charge it to the experience.

Lesson learned: to follow the speed limit specially if you are in the front and last in line . That’s my gift of being a “not boring driver”. Yay! I still be the same driver, deffensive and safe. I promise myself not to go beyond the speed limit  though. The police is just around the corner you know.

I think the only time that I could drive beyond the limit is when I’m not driving a car but ( you guess what’s the next word). The end.

One Response to First Offense

  1. One can not take the first offense very easily and he wants to take the revenge.


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