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No Title

An entry without a title is like an author who doesn’t have authority. Hehe! This update is meaningless so don’t waste your time reading it or else you’ll find out the mistakes and then you’ll get upset, then you’ll think of me even more. I’m wondering why one or two people are wasting their time reading my blog posts and what they could see are mistakes. I’m referring not to my friends who read this but to people whom I don’t even know ( by face, by blog, by nationality,etc.) . I want them to get lost, but this is internet and everyone could read it. Oh well, they love me, they love my life, they care about me that’s why they are reading. Maybe they are curious why I have this wonderful life. Hehe! Or maybe they are waiting when I fall down or die. The secret of happy life is not finding a mistake but to accept other’s weaknesses. I was born to be happy and of course I was here and I’m here to commit mistakes in English language. I’m not here to share the so-called ” Well Written Piece” but to share my simplicity, honesty, and justice for all. LOL!

1st Trimester is Over

I’m now on my 2nd trimester..yey! What an easy pregnancy. I might know the gender this week if I get the chance to set my appointment for ultrasound. I’m hoping and praying for a baby boy so that I could rest from giving birth, breast-feeding, raising baby &toddler because to tell you honestly, it’s not easy! I think the only easy part is the pregnancy alone. And yeah, if it’s a girl, we’ll try for another one, and that’s it : girl or boy, we’re done.

The good thing about having many kids ( like 3 or 4) is that in the future, when there will be reunion among family members , it’s gonna be fun. Like they said ” The more, the merrier”. And when we( the parent) get old, we could visit from one child to another and enjoy the moment while we are still alive. We are aiming for a ” close family tight” oops!( close family ties) among siblings just like the typical Filipino families. I hope all my children will embrace the Filipino culture forever.

10 weeks Pregnant

Going to 11th week now and guess what? I felt like I’m not pregnant in the sense of smelling and feeling of dizziness , nausea and headache. I don’t feel any of them in my first trimester. I don’t feel sleepy as well in the middle of the day. What I’m trying to say is, I’m a lucky pregnant woman. I still have two weeks to end my first trimester but I don’t think I’ll suffer the vomiting stage. How I love being pregnant if I don’t feel any crap at all. So far so good. I like the smell of any food ( even ginisa no problem), perfume, soap, etc. I thanked the Lord for the blessing, for the easy pregnancy. I don’t know what I did to deserve all these things . Well, I think I know the answer for that, it’s because I have Jesus in my life and I have a loving and supportive husband, I have wonderful kids, and great people around me that make this pregnancy as easy as 1,2,3.

Done Cleaning

I spent more than an hour cleaning this blog… not the blog-roll but many posts that needed to be removed. It’s time to reactivated this blog to my ever favorite sheriff who didn’t fail me since I started receiving tasks from them. I regretted why I deactivated my blog from them dated October 2009, but I’m fortunate that their door is still open for me after all I’ve done, hehe! I’m lucky as always, thank you madam “M” for the positive response. I will never ever leave your company again and I promise to be loyal to you! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I’m looking forward for more assignments from you. God bless.

Relaxing Moment

My busy days are over! I’ve been so busy since the first week of December and now time to relax and pamper myself in my little and romantic way, LOL! I know my busy days would continue but at least it won’t be that busy like the last three months, not until my due date! Oh gosh I’ll not think about it just yet.

You could tell that I have an ample time at this moment because I got a chance to update my blog plus doing stuff like scented candles, roses and bubbles! See that? Hehe! I don’t want to throw the roses without doing crazy thing, I meant romantic thingmagagig . The hubby gave me 12 roses 10 days ago ( Valentine’s day) and the quality is pretty amazing. Its been almost two weeks and yet the color is still vivid.

Soaking myself in a hot-tub for an hour has been my regular routine especially on fall and winter time. It’s very relaxing and soothing, good for the heart,mind and soul…. hhmm really? Hehe! When I’m on it, I tend to think and imagine of anything good, day dreaming I should say. Hehe! Don’t get me wrong, hell no, I don’t think green, haha! promise! Good night! It’s now 12:09 AM , time to sleep and wake up at 8AM..healthy sleeper huh? 8 hours .. to maintain my figure, LOL!